Jean Eichstedt wrote:
> > Does anyone ever tried playing the Psaltery in a role of a Celtic Harp
> > or together with it?
>   I have, because a bossy bandmember (who is no longer with us, ha!)
> required that I do so for a non-Celtic <evil grin> Christmas hymn.
> To me, the psaltry sounds like the worst of the violin sound: scrapey,
> scratchy, toneless, and very irritating. Some people call it "haunting."
> Jean
> Raggle Taggle Gypsies

Hi Jean,

From the above (scratchy & irritating) I'd say you're talking about the
"bowed" psaltery, which of course doesn't sound harp-like at all.
But there is also a plucked one, which is much like the Finnish folk
instrument "kantele", and there is also a hammered one, which is a bit
like hammered dulcimer, except that it has single strings per note
rather than courses of multiple (usually 3) strings.


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