Rick Gagne and Elise Morse-Gagne wrote:

> Players vary even more than whistles, so I look forward to hearing
> from others.

Soodlums are my favorite plastic-mouthpiece/metal tube whistles.  Great
tone, not an excessive amount of honking or squeeking.  VERY loud in
the extreme upper notes, though.  My next favorite is probably the
Sweetone because it's just so darn easy, but I don't like the sound
of the first octave - it makes a weird nasal vibrating-metal kinda
sound I can't figure out.  It also has unbelievably small finger
holes (which I don't like) but I guess that's why they're being
marketed towards children!

I don't much enjoy playing the Clarke original in C I have.  Seems
to waste your breath a lot and sounds a lot like a small flute (fife?)
with all the breathiness.

> We whistle players are lucky--almost all whistles are playable and
> inexpensive; let us pity the fiddlers, flautists, accordion users,
> and above all pipers and concertina players.

I do pity them - maybe for other reasons besides cost. ;)

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