Greetings Afrik-ITes!

Christopher Byrne writes:

> This is important because in an earlier message, Jeff Cochrane stated
> that 'oh that is a different system and office from what we are doing so
> do not worry'.

Mr. Byrne substantively misquotes me.  His assertion about my
statement is highly misleading.

For the record, I pointed out that the US Congressional critique of
USAID's Y2K performance was likely based on USAID's "New Management
System" as covered in the press.  USAID's Y2K activities in Africa
and elsewhere with grantees, contractors, and others are quite a
separate matter.  I certainly did not say whether anyone should or
should not worry about USAID's Y2K program activities.

My intent was to suggest that it would be a misinterpretation to
imply that the US Congress has given USAID a low rating for its Y2K
activities in Africa.  I do not believe that the US Congress or the
press has focused on that aspect of USAID's work.

I have no comment on Mr. Byrne's other remarks.  Those who would care
to hear my views are welcome to write to me privately, since what
USAID does or does not do with its Web site, etc., hardly seems
germane to Afrik-IT.

Jeff @ Washington