Hello all

Based on the reponse i got along with information provide by an
IDRC-supported researcher in Brazzaville
It may be possible for someone in Brazzaville to subscribe to an internet
service provider in Kinshasa across the river congo. Currently fax numbers
for some areas in Brazzaville use the Kinshasa 243 exchange. Perharps a
dail-up email service may be possible over that connection between the two
cites.  At this point I'm wondering if the connection would allow one to
actually surf the Internet from Brazzaville.

Does any one know of an organization, business or person in Brazzaville
that currently obtains Internet or Email access this way (ie via Kinshasa).

Here is a summary of the information I gathered. Thanks to all those who

Congo-Kinshasa (previously ZR now CD)
IZPT no hits with www.izpt.zr

Congo-Brazzaville (CG)
No ISP.  However, according to NSRC's steve Huter there are interest within
the University of have a uucp feed

Please not that the response to URL request for (, and  is:
Go to

Network Wizard Survey,
Congo Kinshasa
cd           8         9         1         5         6    Congo (Democratic
zr           0         0         0         0         0    Zaire

Congo Brazzaville
 cg           1         1         0         1         1    Congo (Republic)

Adrian Q. Labor