Hello all

War arrived at the door step of a couple of African Capital cities this
year; E,g (Freetown, Brazzaville, and Kinshasa ).

In Freetown, Email services around town and Full Internet connection
initiatives within the local Telecom grounded to a halt along with all
other facets of political and economic life.  Today, in Sierra Leone, they
are thankful (especially at the telecom)  that no one supportive of the
rogue government knew about the planned full internet connection.
Ironically, the full Internet connection would have been inagurated the day
the rogue government abruptly showed up.  The inaugural was done a year
later after the seige of the capital city ended and the right government
returned. To help with it pleas to the International community, the rogue
Government had itself an Internet site in Maryland DC to publish its
propaganda. It also declared that it had brought Internet to Sierra Leone
with this dial-up access and unmanaged website hosted on an ISP server in
Maryland DC. When the going got tough and the West African regional
military force was bearing down on them, it blamed everything including the
Internet access for internal leaks to a Radio Stations opposed to it and
operating within the safety of the regional force. One of the few remaining
Email service operations, such as a an IDRC-sponsored email pilot project
was trashed and looted. Today the SL domain is alive. It may take time and
encouragement before it will expand with sub-domains ( At the very
least it is running.

What happened to the Email Service, ISP and Internet Access Initiatives in
Kinshasa and Brazzaville? Do you know if any of the ICT pioneers (local or
international partners) are still at work.  Kindly pass on any information
you may have on any one these two cities. Pointers (other than the NSRC and
Mike Jensen's database)will be appreciated

Adrian Q. Labor