"Partnerships and Participation in Telecommunications for Rural Development"
Conference at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario Canada: Oct 26 & 27,
1998.  See note below for further information...

**Conference News Flash**  October 21, 1998

Today's items:
Item 1) Dr. Heather Hudson to speak at conference
Item 2) New conference sponsors
Item 3) On-line Pre-conference - officially ends today but will continue...
Item 4) CIDA, IDRC, CAP, and ITU collaborate to support post-conference
Canadian study tour for Acacia & ITU participants

Item 1) Dr. Heather Hudson to speak at conference

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Heather Hudson is confirmed as a
speaker at the Oct. 26/27 conference.  Dr. Hudson has planned and evaluated
telecommunication projects in Alaska, northern Canada, and more than 30
developing countries in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and
Latin America. She has also consulted for telecommunications companies,
state and federal government agencies, consumer and native organizations,
foreign governments, and international organizations including the World
Bank, the International Telecommunication Union, UNDP, UNESCO, USAID, CIDA,
and the Commonwealth of Learning.  She will be at the conference before she
embarks on evaluation work with IDRC's Acacia Initiative in Africa.

Dr. Hudson is Telecommunications Program Director and a Professor of
Telecommunications Policy and Management at the McLaren School of Business,
University of San Francisco, and an Evaluation Consultant for IDRC's Acacia
Initiative.  She is author of the recent book, "Global Connections: The
Changing World of International Telecommunications" (1998), as well as
"Communication Satellites: Their Development and Impact" (1990), and "Rural
America in the Information Age: Telecommunications Policy for Rural
Development."  Dr. Hudson has also published more than 50 articles and
presented numerous conference papers and expert testimony on
telecommunications applications and domestic and international policy issues
such as universal service, information infrastructure, and
telecommunications planning for socio-economic development.

Item 2) New conference sponsors

New conference sponsors include Nortel Networks of Canada and the Ontario
Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).  We welcome these
sponsors and their participation at the conference.  John Desmond from
Nortel Networks will be speaking at the conference about "Wireless
Technology Alternatives for Rural Telephony."  Anne Joselin, Community
Technology Specialist with OMAFRA will be providing us with a report and her
perspective on "Rural Telecon '98 - Grassroots Telecom Initiatives in the
USA" from her participation in the recent US Rural Telecom conference in
Aspen, Colorado, USA.
For more information on Nortel Networks see:
For more information on OMAFRA see:
For more information on Rural Telecon '98 see:

Item 3) On-line Pre-conference - officially ends today but will continue...

The On-line Pre-conference has generated valuable contributions
"lessons-learned" and thoughts on sustainability and telecommunication for
rural development project planning.  The On-line conference officially ends
today and we will be using the three weeks of postings to generate a summary
to include in the conference proceedings that will be made available
following the Oct. 26/27 conference.

Due to the success of the On-line conference we will keep the conference
website open for future postings and will keep it running as long as
interest continues.  We want to thank everyone who took the time to
participate thus far!!!

Item 4) CIDA, IDRC, CAP and ITU collaborate to support post-conference
Canadian study tour for Acacia & ITU participants

Three international agencies and Industry Canada's Community Access Program
(CAP) are collaborating to support a post-conference Canadian study tour for
a group of international conference participants.  Their support will enable
conference participants from IDRC's Acacia Initiative in Africa and the
International Telecommunication Union's "Multi-purpose Community Telecentre"
projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia to visit a number of
telecommunication for rural development initiatives in the Province of
Ontario.  These initiatives include the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle's
Community Access Program activities (, and
libraries with "community access" facilities for public Internet access in
rural Oxford County (  Please note that this
study tour is only available to participants registered with Acacia or ITU

About the "Partnerships and Participation in Telecommunication for Rural
Development Conference"

The two-day face-to-face conference on October 26 & 27, 1998 will take place
on the beautiful campus of the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario,
Canada. Guelph is a short 45 minute drive from Toronto with easy access to
and from Toronto International Airport (Pearson Airport). The conference
focuses on telecommunications for participatory rural development. It looks
at how lessons-learned in Canada might be applied by people in other
countries, and how lessons learned in other countries might be applied in
Canada.  The detailed conference agenda for the "Partnerships and
Participation in
Telecommunications for Rural Development" Conference is now on-line at

There is still time to register for the conference!  You may call (519) 824
4120 ext. 2353 to register by phone, or you can print, complete and fax your
registration(s) from our website at  The conference fee is
$349 +GST for Canadian residents and $300 US for non-Canadians.

This conference is sponsored by: Don Snowden Program for Development
Communication, Foundation for International Training, Bell Canada, SR
Telecom, Nortel Networks, International Telecommunication Union,
International Development Research Centre, Industry Canada, Agriculture and
Agri-food Canada,
University of Guelph, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural
Affairs, and the TeleCommons Development Group.

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