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=Subject:       Re: Telecom for Rural Development Conference Newsflash Oct.21/98
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=In message <[log in to unmask]>, Don Richardson writes:
=> "Partnerships and Participation in Telecommunications for Rural Development"
=> Conference at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario Canada: Oct 26 & 27,
=> 1998.  See note below for further information...
=Why on earth do you think this bloated rubbish is of any relevance to

Come on now Eberhard, how else can we poor suckers out in Africa ever
get to know about all that money thats being spent on our behalf if
they dont tell us in as many words as possible?

I though I was the only one thinking this was a grandiose load of
dust, thanks for making me feel not alone.

I am reminded of our lady missionary visitor, from Lesotho, that you
and I met a while ago. All she wanted to do was teach rural kids to
type!  Giving them access to the really usefull information on the
Internet and teaching them how to use it, had not crossed her mind.

Well meaning and well funded often means ill founded plans so I
suppose, in retrospect, keeping the do gooders talking might be a


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