Thsi was sent to me by one of our most senior academics. I though you
guys might enjoy it given the ongoing debate on both these lists.


------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

> An article from this weeks UK edition of Computer
> Weekly
> Published by Reed Business Information Ltd
> "Bill's bills cost him dear"
> "The battle between WindowsNT and the increasing
> popular free operating system Linux has taken an
> unexpected twist.  It seems Microsoft boss Bill
> Gates has unwittingly given the rival system a
> significant boost.  Gates is building an
> impressive mansion in Medina, Washington.  But the
> building work is causing so much extra work for
> Medina council, that it has had to upgrade its IT
> system.  The solution?  In the interests of cost
> and efficiency, it has switched from Microsoft, to
> a Linux based document management system."
> The phrase "Poetic justice" springs to mind......

"Ed Yardini is an optimist! He thinks there is only a 70% chance of a y2k triggered recession!"
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