Dear Professionals,

My name is Rattana Jaroonsaksit. I am in MSIS program at Penn State
Harrisburg. I am working on my Master paper and I have a survey that
requires the opinion from various professionals. I would like to ask your
help for answering my questionnaire as the attachment. And if you know
anyone that you can distribute this survey to, please do so. I need at
least 100 results for my research. Could you please help me to find the
subjects as much as you can?

The attachment is the survey. It is in MSword 97. The answer can be marked
by the symbol 'X' in the space provides. Please save it as your name or any
name and send back to me. If anyone had trouble to read the file, please
let me know what kind of word processing you prefer.

I appreciate your contribution.

With best regard,