Thanks Naude

As you say some people are trying to help and to be upfront.


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Date:          Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:46:06 +0200 (SAT)
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The americans do it yet again, and I agree with you that sanity seems to
leave when cash or the threat of lossing cash appears at the front door.

Here is something I got his week from a local distributor. I
was impressed, not sure how good their tests are but they are at
least being vocal and out in the open about their efforts.

If you feel the CSSA can benfit from this, please post it.


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Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 15:32:57 +0200
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Subject: Fujitech News Update - Year 2000 Centre Open

Dear Dealers

We are pleased to announce that the Fujitech Year 2000 Centre is now up &
running.  Please feel free to come & visit us, or you can check out the new
Y2K web site on   The Centre is open to Fujitech &
Non-Fujitech customers alike, and end-users & dealers are all welcome.

Further to our Y2K web site we have a Y2K / Technical hotline.  The
Telephone number is; 0861 - 01 - 2000 (hotline from anywhere in the country)
and the new technical switchboard number is (011) 444-5163

We also have an email address which is [log in to unmask] - Please send
your inquiries to this address.

The Y2K Centre is located just to the right of the main entrance to the
Fujitech building the following services are available;-

1.      System Hardware Test for Year 2000 compliance
This test utilises the NSTL Y2K testing program (as used by Compaq, Dell
etc) to verify that your system can pass three tests for Y2K compliance.
First it tests that your system can roll over itís clock from December 31st
1999 23:59:59 to January 1st 2000 00:00:01.   Secondly it tests to see that
the RTC (Real Time Clock) is functioning correctly as this clock is far more
accurate than the DOS clock and is sometimes used by programs such as UNIX.
Lastly, the Year 2000 is a leap year so the test determines whether your
system recognises this leap year by rolling over from February 28th to the
29th and March 1st. Furthermore it tests on for two extra leap years through
to the Year 2009.

Your system BIOS is where all of the date issues begin. It is essential that
your system BIOS is able to handle the Year 2000 before you can even think
of checking software or data files for Year 2000 compliance.

Each test is accompanied by a document detailing your system information,
the results of the tests, and if your system fails then a suggested action.
This document is an invaluable tool for you to keep, or to hand to your
companyís Year 2000 committee. The test is FREE for Fujitech customers and
R50 per system for non-Fujitech customers (which is refunded if an upgrade
option is purchased)

2.      Upgrading compliant systems with a new BIOS.
Should your Fujitech System have a compliant motherboard however the BIOS
revision is not Year 2000 compliant, we will FLASH in a new / compliant BIOS
for you free of charge. A list of compliant motherboards can be obtained

3.      Upgrading your non-compliant system to Year 2000 compliance
If your system is incapable of reaching Year 2000 compliance because the
motherboard & BIOS are older versions, then we offer an upgrade service.
The beauty about this service is that, where possible, we will re-use
non-Y2K critical components (such as your HDD, stiffy, case, memory,
processor etc.) so that your upgrade cost is kept to a bare minimum.
Although system upgrades can be a lengthy process we will only charge you a
flat labour rate of R150.00 regardless of the time taken.  We will then
re-test the system for Y2K hardware compliance when you come to collect it.

4.      Free Year 2000 Consulting
Since the Year 2000 issues is fast approaching and a very complicated issue,
we are here to help you identify your own Year 2000 issue, and discuss how
to take on this challenge.  For this service we would appreciate that you
call us to arrange a suitable meeting time, although on occasions we may be
able to meet you on the spot.

5.      Year 2000 Software Tools
As well as a hardware test & upgrade service we have identified leading
software packages that make your Year 2000 project that much easier.  These
software tools are on display and are available for sale based on
self-installation or on-site installation.  All software packages also come
with a 3-month telephone help desk service.

6.      On-Site Service
We realise that many systems are impossible to bring in to our centre, as
they are a critical part of an on-site network.  In these cases we can
arrange for technicians to visit your site to test, install and discuss Year
2000 issues.   Even for those companies who have embedded solutions (POS,
ATM etc.) we have experts available to aid you.

We hope that with this assistance your own Y2K project gets off to the best
start possible.

Thank you and see you soon.

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