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Hi all

I recently gave a year 2000 talk which was based around the use of a
core business product and accessed widely both at a system to
system level as well as typically by a large number of users on any
one site.

Although I was pretty well up to date on my understanding of the
packages features in regard to 2000 I did what we all tell others to
do. I went to the suppliers web site to check.

Nothing on the subject except an enourmous amount of marketing
drivel about the year 2000 consulting services that this company was
now offering.

About their own products compliance, not one word!

No definition or statements! No nothing, as we say in SA.

By chance one of the people at the conference at which I delivered my
presentation was a Senior Vice president of the company and I asked
him why this was.

His response was very disturbing.

Apparently in the USA the threat of legal action is how so high that
software suppliers are being told by their legal teams that under no
circumstance may they make a public statement about the compliance of
their products. He said that because the year 2000 effectiveness was
in part dependent on how the customers used their products they could
not take the risk.

How I beg can we, as a global community, hope to solve the problems if
the threat of legal action prevents suppliers from informing their
customers, and potential customers, about the status of their
products, what needs to be done, etc.

I do hope that some sanity will eventually prevail and that American
business/legal ethics will not be allowed to foul up an already
challenging situation.

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