> >The standard quoted was for unlimited usage with no volume or time
> >charges, 8 customers per modem.  It seems to me that your ISP doesn't
> >fall under those conditions, and I'm thus not surprised you're able to
> >manage with fewer modems and still deliver no busy signals.
> Surely you'll find no ISP in Africa which falls under those conditions.
> There are no free phone calls in the UK either, so isn't your standard
> purely American? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

It seems to me that in the "early days" of the Internet it was probably entirely
appropriate to elide "American" and "industry" standard.  Over time, this
becomes increasingly less appropriate, as the rest of us lay claim to what
becomes "our" Internet too.

I use "early days" as some sort of notional period that others may want to hook
dates to.

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