> Greetings Afrik-ITes!
> Graham Matthews writes:
> > I am not sure I am competent to comment on industry standards, but
> > here in Swaziland we are achieving a consistent no-busy tone record with
> > significantly fewer than one modem per eight unlimited-access dial
> > customers.  (We have also standardised on 33,600 bps modems, until we
> > implement the V90 standard at least.)
> Graham, is there a line usage charge by your telecoms operator in
> Swaziland?  That might discourage extended use, allowing providers to
> offer fewer modems and telephone lines.  Another difference with the

Yep.  The local Telco applies a per minute usage charge (about 1UScent/min
own exchange).  It must make some difference, but I have always been
surprised at how resistent our customers seem to be to taking that cost into

We make it easy for our customers to check their phone bill
(, but yesterday I was still
arguing the toss about our E89 ($14) per month Dial-Up subs with a customer
who ran up a E375 ($60) phone bill dialing in to us last month.

Graham Matthews
UUNET Internet Africa (Swaziland)

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