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> the customers ought to be asked whether they get connects every time
> not whether they get busy signals.

This is actually the correct definition. Because even if you get into
the modem, it may well be that the portmaster doesn't authenticate you.

> Secondly, I understood the ratio to be 10 users per modem. Not 8.
> The 8 is a digiboard or logical hardware facet not the modem to user
> ratio is it ?

I don't think so. That would mean one lets the hardware dictate the
number of modems. The opposite of what one should do, but happening a

If you start an ISP you ask TelCom for 10 lines. Now (in Namibia) they
don't come and put in 10, they send some labourers round (eventually
:-)-O) who dig the boardwalk up and but in a big cable that can do at
least 100.

BTW, Using an article in Baordwatch to define an industry standard?
Revealing as usual. Cochrane could have selected the numbers of people
seated per table in his favourite Italian restaurant for all I care.

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