At 13:57 1998-08-31 -5, Jeff Cochrane wrote:
>Chris, did the Bank ask for this concept to be developed, or did
>you develop it as a proposal that the Bank subsequently declined
>to fund?

If you remember, some months ago, the Infodev request for proposal
calling for a Y2k Toolkit for Developing countries was posted here (I can't
remember if Patrick posted it or I did).

DEVMODL was then produced and posted and discussed on this list.
Subsequently, it was submitted as a proposal to Infodev, the closing
deadline was then deferred, time passed, and the grant was finally awarded
to an Italian company.

The point being that if it had been accepted, Infodev would own the rights
to it, but as it was not funded, we (and I include this group within the we)
can still do with it what we like. It was not commissioned by the World Bank,
because in that case all rights would be owned by the World Bank, whether
funded or not.

As an intellectual exercise it might be interesting to compare DEVMODL
with the real life startup and development of (say) the SA NYDSC. The model
was not far off.

There may even be some mileage left in DEVMODL for those developing
countries who are still to set up National offices. But I fear that the time
has now passed for this, it is just  too late. Now we have to concentrate on
Damage Control by the Private Sector. There are still some useful concepts
that can be utilised in Africa, particularly the Zero Base budgeting.

As a matter of morbid interest, Carlos A. Primo Braga, the World Bank Infodev
manager was in South Africa for the Y2k Awareness Day and SADC conference.
He was interviewed by Ed Yardeni as part of the Global Action Day
teleconference. You might like to have a look at and listen to his comments (needs
the Realaudio 5 driver in your browser).

The World Bank have been busy in South America and are only now moving into

I have no idea what happened at SADC, apart from fighting amongst themselves
over Congo. It is much easier and more fun to have a war
than to take on the burden of solving Y2k.

Let us hope we get some results from the NAM conference currently
under way in Durban. But that already seems to be deteriorating
into mere jockeying for position and status.

The G8 conference in Birmingham was a total washout. I cannot see the
proposed deferred conference in Russia happening just at the moment.

Politicans worldwide seem to be dropping the Y2k ball.

All I can say is that if no global action is forthcoming then we are all in
serious trouble.

As far as I know, grants in aid  are still available to countries who
need help in funding a National office. The Infodev link under "Funding"
at should still work.

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