I am delighted to see a discussion of Y2k matters in these hallowed halls.
May I point out that the "baby-sister" of AFRIK-IT , the Y2kAFRIK "survive"
list, has been specially created to discuss Y2k in Africa, to carry the
volume load and free up AFRIK-IT for its normal incisive hi-tech debate
and invective.

Y2kAFRIK was started as a direct result of an appeal on AFRIK-IT.

Please feel welcome to examine the current status of the Y2kAFRIK
project at, and join the
"survive" mailing list.

We are particularly proud of the Y2k Starter Toolkit which can be
downloaded and freely distributed (but not sold). We have been
involved in the recent Y2k Awareness Day activities (1998-08-19)

Please feel free to join  the Project. We are looking for Correspondents
who can report on the status of activities and events in their areas.

Currently we have correspondents in Botswana, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana,
Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Swaziland, Tanzania,
Uganda, Zambia and  Zimbabwe.

The more the merrier.


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