Pierre Dandjinou,
I would like to encourage you in your efforts to share the plans,
knowledge, strategies, tools, estimates, and approaches for managing the
Y2K issue across the continent.  Given the breadth and scope of the task
each country faces, the more effective your efforts to leverage each
other's experiences and plans are the greater chances you'll have for
success.  Across the globe, companies and countries are all finding it
increasingly difficult to manage the Y2K efforts with resources that are
insufficient and in high demand.

I would encourage the development of an African Y2K Committee, with
representation from each participating country.  This committee could
act as the focal point for knowledge sharing and strategy development.
There are and will continue to be many lessons to learn and share with
one another, and such a formal structure could facilitate some of that

Just a few thoughts, from an interested individual.  By the way, I am
Patrick Gerdes, an IT consultant, and a manager of an Internet
Engineering group in the states.


Patrick F. Gerdes
Manager, Internet Systems Engineering
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Subject: Y2k Parallels

Hi All,

I am Pierre Dandjinou from the Sustainable Development Networking
(SDNP) of the UNDP. Jeff's brief report on Y2k in Kazakstan is
and I also like the parallel with Africa.

We are planning a series of national meeting on the issue, to raise
awareness and encourage actions for fixing the bug. We would like to
what African countries have been doing so far to solve the problem.

For instance, South Africa has developed a fully fledged programme for
assisting private and public sectors. Namibia has set up a commission
is currently catering for their administration. Gabon has nominated an
hoc committee which still needs to publicise its working plan. As to
Nigeria, the Ministry for Science and technology has just announced that
total of US $ 10 billions will be needed to tackle the problem. Could we
hear more on the status and plans of other African countries?


Pierre Dandjinou

Pierre Dandjinou        &&&&&   Tel : 229 31 53 84
Programme Officer for Africa
Sustainable Development Networking Programme
UNDP P.O.Box : 526 Cotonou Benin
"From the Pipes to the People : A key to sustainable development"