Dear Clinton,

>I have a source for between 4000 and 7000 xt's, 286's, 386's and 486's that
>are up for grabs in total. A source of disposal for the job lot would be
>This is a matter of some urgency as a local bank (South African) is
>discarding, of course not Y2K compliant but then they are for free !

NGO-NET is a project aiming at empowering NGOs through Information
Technology in Kenya : by providing them an Internet Connection, by training
them and by creating a Communication, Information and Exchange platform
(info : ) .These computers should be very usefull for
the project by being offered to the NGOs and CBOs. To give you an idea, our
need would be roughly 500 PCs 486.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to get more details concerning your

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