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        The PlaNet Bank opened its site at

        We are still looking for more people to animate our networks and help us in
the following domains :

        - Training in Microfinance
        - Rating/Evaluation of micro-credit institutions
        - Credit definition and procedures
        - Information Technology
        - Communication.

        For those of you who don't know about the PlaNet Bank initiative, the
following presentation gives an introduction to the project :


Dear Sir or Madam:

We would like to announce the PlaNetBank initiative, the network-based
organisation to fight poverty, using the Internet as its supporting medium.

This project initiated by Dr. Jacques Attali(1) has led to the formation of
a team coordinated by Arnaud Ventura. In the last months it received
top-level international support and we now want to extend our networks of
partners as well as our team.

You will find below the Abstract Presentation of The PlaNetBank initiative.
Please have a look and contact us soon to join. Anybody, any organization
can join us, just let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

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In the last decades, poverty has become one of the greatest challenges of
this end of century. Micro Finance Institution (MFI) and Non Governmental
Organizations (NGO) have been trying to address this challenge implementing
microcredit programmes and small projects. At the same time Internet has
evolved to become the largest network on earth transforming the planet in a
Global Village.

The PlaNet Bank is a new International Financial Institution that aims at
promoting fair development by supporting microcredit and micro-projects'
implementation. The PlaNet Bank will develop its products and services not
only to support directly microfinance institution (MFI) and small
initiatives but also to bridge the gap between the traditional financial
sector and the microfinance one.

The PlaNet Bank operations will be driven by a new concept: the
network-based institution. It will operate on Internet, providing its
services and products over the network. It will also use Internet as a work
platform, involving several teams of experts that through net-working will
participate to the development of the bank.

The PlaNet Bank functioning objectives will be efficiency, rapidity of
reaction and transparency. As a virtual bank, the PlaNet Bank will be ruled
by a set of rigorous procedures that will allow it to be most efficient.
Operating on the Internet with the latest technologies available, rapidity
of reaction and transparency are inherent to its concept.

The PlaNet Bank products will be available worldwide. In its first year, it
will concentrate its efforts on Africa and poor children (loans to women,

The PlaNet Bank first main products & services will be:

* Information about microfinance: Global Virtual Library
* Training for micro credit institutions : Online University
* Rating and quality certification of microfinance institutions
* Financial products (loans, guarantees)

The PlaNet Bank will start operating as a Foundation. Its initial capital
will be provided by donations and contributions by public and international
institutions, private sponsors and general public. Its customers will also
take part in its capital. Profits from the Bank will be fully reinvested to
allow the bank to broaden its reach to a wider range of clients.

A fundamental tenet of the organization will be the establishment of
partnerships. The Bank will work with technical, commercial, information and
expert partners. Additionally, alliances will group the Bank with other
organizations working in the same field (World Bank, International
Organizations etc.) which will use the PlaNet Bank and its expertise as new
tools to complete their programs.

An initiative of Dr. Jacques Attali(1), the PlaNet Bank has already received
top-level international support. Professor Yunus at the Grameen Bank, Mr.
Rocard European Deputy and Chairman of the Committee of  Development  and
Cooperation (European parliament) and  Mr. Ponzellini Vice-President of the
European Investment Bank have already accepted to be members of the Board of
the Foundation.

The PlaNet Bank is by its own nature and concept a new challenge. It aims by
using the latest technologies of information, at addressing a much greater
one, probably one of the greatest challenges of this end of century:

(1)  Professor, writer, special adviser to Francois Mitterrand, founder and
first president of EBRD, president of an international consulting firm.