Below are extracts describing the technical objectives (or goals) of two
ambitious Internet projects of interest too this list.  The description of
the second could very well pass as the outline version of the first. What
then is the difference?  The makes one sounds ambitious
and feasible and the ambitious but questionable.
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In addition to instructional television programming, the AVU digital video
signals will provide a wide range of data services to the end users in SSA,
including high-speed broadcast Internet access, a wide range of virtual
library resources, and various multi-media features designed to enhance the
instructional programs. AVU network operations (for both broadcast video
and broadcast data services) will be controlled and coordinated by a highly
flexible and re-configurable Network Control System (NCS).

The use of compressed digital satellite technology, as noted above, will
enable the cost-effective international broadcast of multiple channels of
programs and services to a limitless number of earth stations to be located
in SSA. When the AVU is fully operational, the system capability of eight
to ten simultaneous program channels will help the AVU achieve its
objective of making the service affordable to the average African family.

Technical Objectives
-Implement scaled up internet protocol
-Voice and Video
-Interaoperability with wireless media
-Quaility of Service Choices
-measurement and optimization

-Interactivie, networked-based instructions
-realtime sensor based modeling/simulation
-large scale multisite computation
-very large database processing

Adrian Q. Labor