Ar 7:54 PM +0200 6/24/98, scríobh Christian Chiarcos:

>> thanks for the Cauth Bodva.
>> In fact I've never heard about.
>> Do you've got any information where this was found and what time it's
>> dated ?

None.  The only place I've ever seen it is in this dictionary.  In fact,
I just checked the _Thesaurus Linguae Gallicae_ (1993) and it's not there.
That is not a good sign.

>> On the other hand: It does rather look like a mistake (of modern
>> authors ?), because only the /u/ has changed its position.
>> (Are you sure that the entry in then Dictionary is relieable ?)

No.  The author is Dr. James MacKillop, a former professor of English
and one-time Visiting Fellow in Celtic Languages at Harvard.  The
consulting editors are Prof. Pádraig Ó Riain, Univ. College, Cork
(Old Irish); Prof. Derick S. Thomson, Univ. of Glasgow (Scottish
Gaelic); and Prof. D. Ellis Evans, Jesus College, Oxford (Welsh and
Breton) - a pretty impressive lot, but none of them seems to have
advised the author on Continental Celtic.  I'm beginning to wonder,
too, whether this is an error that crept into MacKillop's data base
and slipped by unchallenged.  I hasten to say that my overall impression
of this work (_Dictionary of Celtic Mythology_, Oxford Univ. Press,
1998) is still that it is comprehensive and reliable.

Thanks for checking your sources on this!

Dennis King