George and all:

George just spotted your contribution to AFRIK-IT......

George Sadowsky wrote:

> I agree with Vince.
> During 1973-86 I did tehnology transfer for the United Nations, and
> worked
> for short periods of time in 15-20 African countries.  Now through the
> Internet Society I continue to be involved in Africa.  At the Addis
> conference last week on African Connectivity there was a lot of good
> material presented that was relevant to the spread of the Internet
> --  and
> in fact about 20-25% of the attendees were ISOC workshop students who
> were
> now taking the lead in extending the Internet in various countries in
> Africa.

Yes!! I agree with you..... without the contribution of the ISOC
Workshops to the pool of technical expertise in Africa (vis a vis
Internet Node Operators)... African countries would have find the going
tough..... In fact another batch will be trained at the Geneva INET'98
in  July. George your contribution to this effort through ISOC is
greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

 All I can say is: ISOC should keep it up.... we need more Internet Node
operators on the continent to fuel and drive Global connectivity in

> So when I saw this list I thought  --  aha, here's where the new
> material
> on the Internet oin Africa is being posted!  Not so, at least not yet.
> are right..  AFRIK-IT has been running since 1995 and is
reputed to be a premier list on IT and Telecomunications issues and many it relates to Africa.... I guess everyone who matters in
Africa IT is here.....

> If this is really a digital culinary travelogue, I'll just get out.
> But it
> could be so much more ....
> much much more...Stick around and welcome on board....and lets
hear more from you on this list...

Bye for now


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