Greetings Afrik-ITes!

I hope to make two visits to Southern Africa in the coming months.
With a technical networking expert, we'll be studying market
integration issues, a bit different from my usual scope in the
agricultural and environmental sectors.

On Saturday I leave for Gaborone for planning meetings with senior
staff of USAID's regional mission.  However, I'll first stop in
Johannesburg to participate with colleagues from around the world in
discussions of new training materials for various Internet clients
and for information management.  I'd be pleased to visit with friends
and colleagues along the way, in either Gaborone or Johannesburg (or
Amsterdam on Sunday for that matter).

In July we'll likely electronically survey some of the key players
in market integration (customs houses, freight haulers, regulatory
authorities).  Then in August we'll visit a selection of key sites
in Southern Africa for more practical and in-depth discussions of
the role information technologies including the Internet may
productively play, and how USAID might be able to assist.  I would be
pleased to have discussions with persons interested in these issues,
either privately, or if of general interest, in this forum.

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