Dr Eberhard W Lisse wrote:
> I said it is useless to do any *WORK* on it. And I said that people
> using electronic networking in developing countries for their *WORK*
> use email and FTP predominantly.

Which I still find a ridiculous statement!

> I challenged you to show me a site that was actually helpful to a
> medical professional or a nurse.  This has not been forthcoming.

I just got very busy... But let's settle this with the following:
you post some symptoms here, as a patient would describe to a nurse.  I,
with my non-existent medical training, will come back with a web-based

If I fail,then  for one week after, I will replace my homepage with the
following four words: "The web is useless".

If I succeed, you will have to dig up this messages again using your
wonderful glimpse search engine, and write a long self-criticism  (in
HTML, no less, illustrated with plenty of JPEGs and nice fonts).

Do we have a deal?

We'll need to define what is a reasonable enough symptom, something that
a poor old bush nurse would not know, but that a normal general
practioner would, and also what constitutes a good enough diagnosis.

Now, since you dug them up, I can't resist taking a jab at your old

> >
> > > I can diagnose myself by typing in symptoms as key words in a search
> > > engine.
> >
> > > I would say this is pretty valuable where there are few doctors.
> >
> > Nope. Where there are few doctors there are few resources...
> >
> > > Maybe a village nurse could use it.
> >
> > Well, if she had the funds, telephone, electricity, a computer, modem,
> > computer literacy, English, and the time she might actually try this
> > once. However, my village nurses read their treatment manual and if
> > that doesn't cover it to their satisfaction they phone me.
> >

Oh so she has no electricity but she has a phone? Hmm...
Forget that, let's look the artithmetic here:

Average cost of getting a  PC with modem: $1000+tax+duty
Average cost of getting an MD:  $100,000+transportation
The nurse has to be there in both cases.

So, if having the PC allows the nurse to reduce the number of times he
has to consult the doctor by say 20%, then that PC has paid back its
cost 20 times over. That's webonomics 101 for you, doctor. Before you
ask "where am I going to get 0.8 doctors", I am talking averages over
large samples.

> > The current thread shows that everyone (including you) knows that
> > shortage of bandwidth is not a reason to not use http, it is simply
> > a factor in designing the content.
> No, it does not show this. And what I KNOW, is that the opposite is
> true.

A file does not magically expand in size just because it is being sent
by http as opposed to ftp, nor does the transmission rate change, since
they are both riding on top of TCP.  Does that contradict what you

> I have the personal (and sometimes painful) experience of having
> connected this country to the Internet via a 9600 line at first and

congratulations! I am a pioneer in connecting at 9600 from a certain
apartment in new york city  where I (and a few cockroaches) happen to
live. I still do it almost every night, and find it useful, provided I
stick to sites with well-designed low bandwidth content (at worst I turn
off images).

> greetings, el
> PS: Maybe you really should go home for three months and see how it
> looks over there.

I have actually. In the summer of 95, I worked at PADIS on the fidonet
node there. It would have looked a lot better if people had web access.
Now why don't you come here and see what it could/should look like! Face
it, your pioneering days are over.

It offends me when people have the attitude that "this is Africa, things
are not supposed to be as good as in the North". I would say that
attitude is more destructive in the long term than the fact that some
USAID officials are staying at the Hilton or whatever.


P.S. I happen to agree that Windows is junk.