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Good morning.

I am sure you are going to get many replies but we have selected a
tool which looks as if it will meet all our requirements.

=Is there a single tool that can enable me to:
=1- Test the PC as a piece of hardware (BIOS, RTC, OS, etc..)

Does that

=2- Inventory the applications on the PC

Does that

=3- Scan the applications (excel spreadsheets, databases, etc...) for date

It scans packages versions against a know list, some 7500, versions
in the version I have so far but the update goes to 22000, or so I am

=If such tool exist and if you've tested it, please contact me at
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This is Greenwich Mean Times Check 2000 product.

=I know that companies are offering tool to deal with each one of the items
=Could you please share with me your experience regarding the one you've worked

We are just starting but it looks good so far.


=They are myriads of them out there and I don't want to start from scratch,
=Are any of the tools easy to automate (for example install in a server
=environment )
=thanks for your cooperation.

      CITTE 98 at url

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