Hello Shem and All:

Shem Ochuodho wrote:

> > My guess is Shem may probably
> > have a lot on his plate... now that he is an honourable member of
> the
> > Kenyan parliament.
> Clement, perhaps "horrible" is more the word, not "honourable". Can't
> wait for the day our policy makers (read Parliaments) will go on-line.

I am also looking  forward to the day when our paliametarians will wake
up and realise the power of this delivery technology. I really think the
time will come when the political and other discussions that really
matters will be done on-line by the masses on AFRIK-IT type of list in
every African country.

BTW  Shem do you or any of your colleagues raised the Y2K problem in the
Kenyan parliament?....Unlike in the case of other regions of the world,
this issue has not been raised in the majority of the African
parliaments... I think the South African parliamentarians have raised it
( I may be wrong).  In any case Shem, this is a nice challenge for
you..... if you haven't made your maiden speech yet as a member of the
opposition...perhaps this could be a nice topic to slip into your
speech.. Knowing you, you might already touched on this and other IT
issues in the big house.. Good luck.