neither of the consultants is right or wrong, Y2k means different things to
different people, there are a number  of other problems in the same vein
that you need to look at.
Much of the problems that  you'd experienced on the desktop will revolve
around specialist programs that may have been written to accommodate
your own special needs. Things like 9/9/99 as the end of file marker will of
course mean that a disaster will come sooner than 1/1/2000 other issues
like tracking DOW Jones indices now close to the 10000 mark when the
program is only written for 4 integers up to 9999 and a host of other similar
programmatic problems. If you look at your applications and conclude that
many of them are not bespoke, that they're off the shelf, then the problems
MAY be minimal, sorting rows in spreadsheets may be a bit of toughie as
may be sorting data in DBASE or Access or Paradox. There's no silver
bullet it's a matter of having to test everything that you use and check as
best you can to see if it uses dates and whether it will cope with a tick over.
Just isolating the problem to 486's is a naive approach and won't cure the
potential problems within your applications. I'd be more worried about how
the bank is going to deal with my overdraft or mortgage bond or how my
insurance company is going to handle my policies.

 On 04/01/98 09:12 AM  I believe Jeff Cochrane may well have said...
>Greetings Afrik-ITers!
>Lately I've been getting a lot of emails from consultants telling me
>I have to pay them lots of money to test my 486 desktop PC running
>Win3.1 with a 1994 BIOS for the Year 2000 Millenium Bug.  Others tell
>me not to worry, relax for a year and see what happens, this is
>primarily a problem for people with large mainframe computers, for
>ordinary users there will be some annoying but not debilitating
>So who's right?
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