Hi folks:-)

As a newcomer to the Afrik-IT list, I am very amused to read that Eberhard
Lisse continues to get under the skins of northern hemisphere IT
consultants and their ilk:-)   Having spent some 18 months and some small
seed funds in helping 17 African museums (to date) get internet
connectivity, I have become very much aware of all sorts of brilliant
donor-funded and very patronising initiatives which spent outrageous
amounts of money helping (themselves and)  local NGOs, parastatals and
governmental agencies get internet connectivity in Africa.

Having been flamed, ridiculed, beaten up mentally by Eberhard Lisse these
past few years, and also having had to compare recipes for making
SauerKraut:-),  I continue to admire the man for having something called
"ghutspa", and for being extremely forthright about the abilities and means
of African communities to help themselves in IT...I think Jonathan has
forgotten that Eberhard has a great sense of humour!:-)  I can at least
vouch for that!

Suffice is to say that Jonathan has certainly breached nettiquette to
considerable degree, by losing his cool, and should, strictly speaking,
have kept his expletives and emotion to himself and Lisse.

Lisse ain't going to go away, unless he chokes on a pork trotter one of
these days!:-)


Joris Komen

National Museum of Namibia System administrator
African Museum Internet Project coordinator