>Do you have a copy of this in French. COlleagues in Benin and
>Burkina would be interested in this info.

I should have done it simultaneously but I will post a French version
within the next day or so.

>BTW, are you doing anything in Chad, Niger, Guinea Bissau, Guinea
>Conakry or Central African Rep.? We are looking for parners in all of
>these places and I am on mission to visit 3 starting this weekend.

All of the above are possibilities, however, we are focusing on where we
have the most researchers at the moment.   If there is enough interest from
other donors in using this mechanism or something similar and from people
interested in participating as helpdesks, I will set up a separate open
forum for sharing information on this type of activity.

Cheers... Steve

>Richard Labelle
>Consultant, UNDP SDNP

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