At 08:58 1998-04-23 +0100, Roger Browne wrote:

>You put up some e-mails recently about ARIK-IT
>What's the curent status?

There has been absolutely no active response to Y2k from AFRIK-IT.
My attitude is "let them continue to sleep in the sun", it is after all not
my problem.

My DEVMODL was not taken up by the infoDev "Y2k for Developing Countries"
project. I still don't know who won it..

Our government sponsored Y2k watchdog is still getting
up to speed and has yet to actually produce anything.

Plans to set up Training centres have been aborted due to
lack of demand and funding.
The market does not perceive this to be an issue.
But then even the UK training efforts are in disarray.

Also many of the mainline Y2k lists have dried up to a fraction of
previous volumes, and of course have always "preached to the
choir". If you are on a Y2k list you already know more
about the problem than is good for you.

More "media" hits are now being recorded, but mainly of the
"novelty interest" variety. "Ooh look what the geeks are doing now".
But then Interest in Y2k appears to be waning globally.
Or maybe people are working rather than talking. I Hope.

Many Commercial Y2k concerns are not finding enough demand
for services. I hear that some are planning to discontinue.
On the other hand some new startups who take inventory of PC's
in corporations are taking off. The Power of the Placebo.

My peers and colleagues on the Y2k activist circuit
(myself included) are seriously looking for proper jobs.
One cannot go on doing committee work and giving free
handouts and talks on Y2k for ever.

The CSSA WG2 for COTS testing has stalled and there
is some doubt if it will continue.

Conferences are becoming more difficult  to arrange,
top flight speakers have become shy of making public utterances
or are conveniently "out of the country",
people are "conferenced out".

The general public attitude is still "we don't have a problem".
The vast majority are unaware of any problems and care less.

I correspond with many people actually doing
work on Y2k, but this is now usually on a one to one basis
dealing with specifics rather than general cases.

I would therefore sum up the Y2k status in Africa as "Wait and See"
or "Pending". So Meltdown is well on track.
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