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> Dr Lisse also went on to say:
> >We should concentrate on the main frames first, so that the
> >economies remain functional.
> If your business priority is relevant to mainframes,
> then concentrate on that area first.  If mainframes are
> not the prime priority, this could be a disastrous
> decision.

Sure, this is quite clear to me.

> > Once that is done we can look at the few devices
> > that we actually can do something about.
> Here again, if your business priorities set this action
> on a lower scale of priority, this would be valid.
> This is the essence of Triage, "working only on the
> things we can do something about".

Exactly. And you'll find that north of the Orange River there isn't
that much that we can do.

Other then of course having the World Bank's recent initiative create
a nice bureaucracy for the likes of Metzger.

(Ah I couldn't let that one pass :-)-O)

greetings, el