At 18:40 04/04/1998 +0200, Chris Anderson wrote:

>... The real issue is Risk Management...

  Chris, in the interests of bandwidth I am not repeating your latest
message but everyone would do well to re-read it in its entirety. You have
captured the essence of the current (worldwide) situation. My observation is
that when most organizations first began serious planning efforts a year or
two ago, many of us heard the statement above, but still believed the
problem belonged mainly to IT, and mostly the mainframe. Now, several years
later, with apparently much discovery still to be accomplished, on platforms
that weren't even dreamed about at the time, Triage (i.e. Prioritization) is
fast becoming the only remaining option. To paraphrase what has already been

  "Do what you CAN do, and MUST do, and have a plan for the rest"


Kirk Mendenhall
SLC, Utah, USA