Another from Kuno Meyer's collection, The Triads of Ireland (1906).
More ink may have been spent on discussions of the elements of this
triad than on all the others combined.

   Tre/de neimthigedar filid: immas forosna, teinm laeda,
   dichetal di chennaib.

tre/de neimthigedar filid - three things that establish the
                            credentials of a poet

   tre/de - three things (substantive derived from 'tri/')

   neimthigedar - (relative) 3rd pl. present of 'neimthigidir', a
                  verb derived from the noun 'nemed', which refers
                  to a sacred or privileged place or person; the
                  general sense of this verb is "confers nemed rank
                  or authority on"

   filid - accusative sing. of 'fili' (= poet), which McCone derives
           from the Insular Celtic verbal root *wel- (to see)

I will quote Fergus Kelly's translations of these three rather obscure

imbas forosna - "encompassing knowledge which illuminates"

teinm la/eda - "breaking of marrow (?)"

dichetal di chennaib - "chanting from heads (?)"

I invite the listmembers to flesh out these definitions, if they care
to do so.

Dennis King