Greetings Afrik-ITers!

A colleague with cash writes to me privately:

> Jeff, can you specifically send me info on your help desks in
> Senegal, Uganda, and South Africa.  We would very much like to
> explore how we can help support the initiative in these countries
> if indeed it has been successful.

Information on the Help Desks as we are presently employing them
within USAID/AfricaLink is best gleaned from Help Desk reports
available via the Web.  Point your browser to, and
then navigate to Regions, Africa, AfricaLink, Reports, and Help

Note that the reports do not always deal exclusively with Help Desks,
and thus may cover other subjects as well.  Once viewing a report,
simply search for the phrase "help desk" to find the relevant
section.  E.g. in the first report on Uganda, the "Help Desk" section
is near the bottom of the report.

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