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>An interesting article appeared in the South African Sunday Times today in
>which it was stated that the South African Finance Minister - Trevor Manuel
>estimated that convertring ther country's infrastructure was goping to cost
>around ZAR21 billion. In a written reply to a parliamentary question manuel
>said SA had done NO INDEPENDENT IMPACT ANALYSIS but had 10% of the computer
>infrastructure of Britain which estimated costs at GBP3 billion.

This number is merely an extrapolation of the Capers Jones
estimates of 1995.

Government has been ducking this issue all along.
A "closed door" tender was awarded to Amdahl for
ZAR750 000  (I hear) for "Initial investigation". In order
to qualify for the tender you had to be on a closed "list".
So much for the "new" Democracy. Needless to say
nobody on the list knows too much about Y2k.

In my opinion, based on the increased labour costs
being experienced in the rest of the world (+- 30%)
and the fact that SA is losing trained computer personnel
at the (official) rate of 50 per month (the actual rate being
much higher) the actual money value is going to be
much higher. That is if anybody ever gets round to
doing anything, as opposed to talking about doing.

Where of course this money will come from is anybody's
guess. The RDP funds seem to have disappeared

Before all our Brothers in the North laugh themselves
to death at our plight, please note that in the rest of
Africa there has been NOTHING done at all to date.
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