Greeting AFRIK-ITES!

I downloaded the latest Netscape Communicator at home, which included
a free offer to use their new Netscape In Box.  So I tried it out.
It permitted me to specify various news services, and tailor the
information.  So today was the first day.  The article from Wired

Southern Africa Trying to Climb Online

5:03 am Generally considered the poorest region of the poorest
continent, sub-Saharan Africa is getting wired. And although
technology is not making poverty go away, it may be planting the seeds
of a new order.

The URL is:

Contains interviews with Larry Irving of the US Commerce Department,
David Flavell of the Leland Initiative in Madagascar, Mark Heim
of Chemonics International, and John Mack of the US State Department.

Key argument: the tallest hurdle is overcoming government policy
impediments to Internet development.

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