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>     Yes, the current version of IMPACT utilizes Paradox 4.5 (DOS) and
>can handle 15 different date
>formats including YYYY-MM-DD OR YYYY.MM.DD. We can also customize the
>application for language specificity. What language did you have in

I attach some >>>snippets<<< on Paradox:

Quote 1:
Basically, Pdox 4.5 will internally handle Y2K correctly. However, you'll need
to address 2 areas:

  - Where dates are keyed on Forms, these fields will need to be large enough
    to accept a 4-digit year. If only 2 digits are keyed, "19" is assumed.
    Users will have to key "20xx" on/after 1/1/2000. You can insert validation
    "Pictures" on these fields, which may help, something like:
    "#[#]/#[#]/{9#,20##, though any "Picture" disables the useful space-bar
    action of inserting the current day/month/year.

  - If the PAL code is messing with date-arithmetic, this will have to
    be reviewed, though, with average luck, any changes may be small.

Hopefully, you have all tha PAL source code ? !!.

But (not checked:)

I've noticed a date problem with Paradox for Windows software. It treats
2000 as 1900 during a sort of the table. Even when the date is entered as
2000, it is treated as 00.

-- David Silver <[log in to unmask]>

The object of my email is that we discovered, after some researches,
that the main "job" over small businesses is upgrades; going from, let's
say, Paradox 1.0 to 4.0 (saying that 1.0 don't use gregorian system (or
y2k compatible) and the 4.0 version does).

The Bozemann-Legg data scanner is available from
It comes with a configuration file for Foxpro, Paradox, and Powerbuilder.


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