greetings afrika-it

> >Most new equipment that is coming in, is, IMHO new kit that is Y2k
> >compliant, the problem almost invariably lies not with primarily with the
> >hardware but rather with the software. (All those stripped '19's)
> Indeed. The application software can be donated too.

opposing our collegue chris andersen I would say that most software in the governmental sector in
african countries (outside the domain of ZA) is donated. actually it would be interesting to know
whether there exist some figures on that.

> Worse, it may have been
> given by programmers who have moved on to other countries, without leaving
> the source behind.

even if they leave their code behind, it doesn't make things better. from what i have seen in the
medical sector now, you find so much softjunk *with* sourcecode which was created by some medical
doctor of some western donor-agency who obviously didn't know what he was doing. in most of the
cases it is better to do the whole thing again, than to try and cure the old disease.

therefore the bad thing about these people going to other countries afterwards is not that they
don't leave their sourcecode in the first country, it is that they might do the same thing in the
other country, too.