Greetings Afrik-ITes!

I had this exchange with a colleague regarding this URL:


Colleague writes:

> on that page is an entry Domain Name Registration
> with info on registering in the Congo-B, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire
> domaines at some place called   nic.zr i don't know who this is


Thanks.  Had a look.  It's some place in Switzerland I think.  Did a
traceroute to see the connection path, which led through Paris.  Did a
WhoIs search on the address of the last link before nic.zr, revealing
the Swiss connection.  I assume the address nic.zr is not physically
in Africa, based on the output from the traceroute.

They now say they offer free domain names for anyone physically in
Zaire, provided the DNS is in Zaire, which is for the moment
impossible I think, which means they probably don't have to give away
too many free accounts...

Presumably when the time comes and there actually is an Internet
server capacity in Zaire, they can recapture their top domain
registry... which is what I was asking about on Afrik-IT.  In the
meantime, I wonder if anyone is paying the money to that Swiss firm
for domain name reservations...

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