Greetings Afrik-ITers!

Dr. Eberhard writes:

> I still have this bet going that out of the 25 Million $US
> for Leland 24 will go back north...

Who pays if you win the bet?  ;*)  And what do you pay if you lose?

> Remember the other day, this rubbish article about the World Bank
> wiring Mozambique? I totally agree with Venancio ...

Venancio is quoted as saying donors are only interested in wiring the
capital cities.  My experience with donors has indicated otherwise.
Donors seem very interested in rural areas, small towns, and the
like.  They simply haven't been very successful in finding and
funding solutions for the problems faced by rural areas and small
towns.  But that doesn't mean they aren't interested.

Do people here have interesting proposals they think donors should
consider?  Perhaps we could discuss them, in practical terms.  Some
have been discussed before, e.g. HF radio.

There seem to be quite a few donors looking into projects
designed to bring some type of access to the Internet to remote
areas and to areas where the poor do not have access to telephone
lines.  I'm rather intrigued by the "telecentre" initiatives of the
IDRC and others.  Some folks in the USA are looking at something
called an "InfoMart", which I think is roughly the same thing though
with a different funding and support mechanism.

And if I do say so myself, I'm pleased we were recently able to
"wire" an agricultural research station 300 kilometers from a little
town called Tsumeb.  And we did it from Maputo without even getting
on a plane.  Good thing, too, because I haven't the foggiest idea
where to find Tsumeb.  I was only able to find it on a map thanks to
the National Geographic Society

Actually, SANGONeT did the wiring at a workshop they conducted in
Maputo for root crops scientists.  A report is available at

In this case "wire" means we helped a scientist learn enough about
the technology at a workshop that he was able to return home, ask
the right questions, and take advantage of the infrastructure and
servers available in his country, Namibia.

Now I don't know why this scientist had to travel all the way from
northern Namibia to Maputo to learn about things in his own country,
but fortunately he was coming to a meeting in Maputo anyway, so there
was no additional cost involved there... 8*)  Maybe Dr. Eberhard
would care to tell us about Tsumeb.

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