At 17:47 +0100 30/6/97, Jeff Cochrane wrote:
>Greetings Afrik-ITers!
>Our friend from Swakopmund states:

Of all the things you have called me...

>> The RFCs state clearly that the domain administrator must reside in
>> the country whereas the zone and technical contacts dont have to.
>If someone were to ignore an "RFC" such as this one, what punishment
>would be levied, and who would levy it?

This ignorance of the way the Internet works is astounding.

Or maybe not :-)-O

>Would they call the Internet Police?  ;*)

I don't want to go into much detail, RTFM :-)-O, but  the domain
name system works in a hierarchical manner. This means
one can enforce the rules. It's downright simple, actually.

On the top are some ad hoc or self appointed commitees who
decide if the rules they made up yesterday still apply today.

>This is an interesting issue because Mike Jensen recently pointed out
>to me that a couple of national domain names have been "captured" by
>outsiders.  Was Congo Brazza one of them?  I can't remember.

Indeed. However, the rule has been up to now that each domain
must have three people nominated,can be the same, and the boss
must actually reside within the domain (ie within the country).
The technical people can be outside. If someone competent inside
wants the domain the old owner doesn't have much choice.

Then the rules have always been that one must be impartial,
competent and resilient, and one has to allocate subdomains
on request. This is a *MUST*. And fees are not a bad thing per

But the clever way is to have a nominal  administrator within
the country (hmm, let's take Kenya for example) handle
everything from the outside  (Hi Randy :-)-O), and not
respond to requests (try Angola).

The very worst one can do is to give it to a national, interested
party (look at Ethiopia).


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