At 15:00 +0100 30/6/97, Lawrence Edwards wrote:
>An interesting addendum to this topic :
>I (Global One SA) hold the .mw domain for Malawi. I have had frantic phone
>calls etc asking me not to give the domain to the project.
>After consultation, I've decided that I personally cannot do anything to stop the
>TLD from being taken by them. In fact, although the Universities of Malawi do
>have a reasonable complaint, the two deciding factors are :
>1. can handle the domain from a technical viewpoint.
>2. The Malawian Government (represented by have the legal
>rights to the domain.

The RFCs state clearly that the domain administrator must reside
in the country whereas the zone and technical contacts dont have to.

There is no rule anywhere, nad has never been, that any government
has any right to any domain. This is a hotly contended topic.

You will have to give it back to the first competent requestor no matter
who it is.


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