At 18:23 +0100 26/6/97, Jeff Cochrane wrote:
>If a national telecoms operator enters into a deal with a major
>multinational, is the inevitable result high costs for a narrow
>group of elites?  Is that what happened in Senegal?  Burkina?  I
>hear they've got deals with major multinationals, and their prices
>are remarkably low.  So, is the fault with the major multinational
>overcharging the national telecoms?  Or with the national telecoms
>overcharging its own citizenry?

Senegal is not a good example (and neither is Burkina I think)
because there the TeleComs operator is owned by the multinational...

Actually, the point is, and I think I have mad it often before,
that we don't need outside "experts" to come in and show us
how to run our lives :-)-O

In order to provide Internet Connectivity you don't need to
contract a company providing value added services and
running things on expensive hardware (Suns).


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