You're welcome, I think.

Glad you have a sense of humor.  We sometimes unduly flagellate ourselves
over terms.


>At 03:41 PM 11-04-97 +0100, Rick McCourt wrote:
>>word it would have been accepted more readily.  It means wavy foot I think,
>>and if we want to be technical, we should distinguish between protist feet
>>and vertebrate feet too.
>AHAH!!! This is the definitive answer! Rick McCourt has finally supplied the
>solution to that nagging problem of the guilt we all feel about not using
>the "correct" term. As I see it we can all now claim that we refuse to use
>the term undulipodium because this term can only properly be applied to the
>_REAL_ "wavy foot" - the whale flipper!!! Thanks for the insight Rick!
>John M.
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