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Two interesting articles:

WebMaster March '97 p. 50 "It's a Wired World"
by Christopher Koch
"For 50 years the World Bank has helped developing nations by
building essential infrastructures such as transportation and
agriculture.  Now a new World Bank project gives them something even
more valuable: information."

Essentially an article lauding the Bank, with emphasis on Zambia.

Is there really only one library in Zambia?

An interesting quotation: "Six thousand of the organization's
10,000-member staff are out in the field at any given moment. And
when the World Bank says someone is "out in the field," it means it."

Next article:

"ZAMBIA Connects Via Satellite To The U.S. Backbone
by Steve Clark
Like most of its African neighbors, Zambia is a mining country that
exports various metals. Copper is one of its biggest exports. So,
what does a country with so much copper use for telephone service?
Air. " requires login (free)

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