From: Clara Chen <[log in to unmask]>

I am writing on behalf of SatelLife, a non-profit organization which
provides access to current health information for health workers in
developing countries via an electronic mail network known as "HealthNet".

We are continually researching new sources of quality health information
that we hope our users would find useful such as international
health/medical related Web sites, electronic publications, and mailing
lists.  We have found that your discussion list is one that we would like
to offer our users.  Because our distribution system aims to increase
access and reduce costs caused by multiple subscriptions to the same
mailing lists, we redistribute your list by sending just one copy of all
posts to a node in each of the countries on our network, which in turns
produces local copies for all users connected to it.

We hope that you will welcome this opportunity for your discussion to reach
more individuals, especially from developing countries.

Thank you.

Clara Chen
Information Officer
SatelLife -- Global Communications for Health
Boston, MA, USA
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