On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Don Richardson wrote:

> One thing that would really help support local ISPs like ZamNet would be
> for the big UN agencies and other big donors like the Bank to actually
> source their regional and country field office connectivity from local
> ISPs instead of building their own dedicated leased-line networks.  The
> money spent on these dedicated networks can be astronomical compared to
> the cost of sourcing connectivity from a local ISP.  Despite the Bank's
> assistance to ZamNet, I don't think their office in Zambia uses ZamNet.

I couldn`t agree with you more, Don, although there is definitely an
uphill battle on that front. In my experience, it is difficult to get
organisations to adopt this strategy (particularly larger ones). One might
think this problem is confined to donor and/or commercial orgs, but the
international NGO community has a patchy record in this respect as well.

It becomes a chicken and egg scenario: while many ISPs over the past few
years have struggled to become self-sufficient, one of the biggest
stumbling blocks has been the need to increase revenue, but instead of
having the support of international orgs (and their hard currency), in
many cases those orgs have either simply by-passed them or introduced new

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