>           ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - Plagued by slim budgets, broken down
>        equipment and out-of-date and looted libraries, African universities
>        may soon receive a lifeline from cyberspace.

is that easy?

>           Under a pilot project to be launched in April by the World Bank,
>        10 universities in six nations will be connected through the African
>        Virtual University - a computer link via satellite to universities
>        in Europe and the United States.

I attended the meeting demo there was no
link to computers. Where did  you find
out that?

>           Making use of computer networks linking Africa to the West,
>        participating universities in the United States and Ireland will
>        provide packaged academic programs, particularly in science,
>        engineering and business.

Where did you get that from? Is AVU using high speed computer networks or just a
receive only satellite and video with email backup at the moment?

>           During the pilot phase, a limited number of first-year
>        undergraduate courses - calculus, differential equations, physics,
>        electronic circuits, statistics, introduction to the Internet and
>        introduction to computer sciences - will be offered via video
>        transmissions, Internet links and other means such as e-mail.
>           Etienne Baranshamaje, the World Bank's project manager, said the
>        African Virtual University will be a network of Internet facilities
>        and its own Web site.
>           More and more African countries are setting up Internet services.
>        Ethiopia will go online soon through the government
>        telecommunications office, while private concerns provide Internet
>        links in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
I thought Ethiopia was online since November!