Greetings. Hope all is well.

One of our member organisations, Dimba-Rai newspaper in Dar es Salaam, is
having problems with their Marimba e-mail software. According to Dimba, a
new version of Marimba was loaded onto their computer a few months back.
But ever since they have been unable to send out messages. They receive OK,
but can't send out.

Is this a design fault with the latest version of Marimba? Can it be
overcome? Is there anyone out there in Dar es Salaam who could help our
colleagues? It really is imperative that they are able to send mail because
it is the main means of communication between us and them. However, no one
to date has been able to fix it for them.

Any advice or offers of help - please contact Dr Gideon Shoo on
[log in to unmask] (give your phone/fax details too, as he can't
e-mail you back!), tel (255 51) 111389, Cell phone 811 334180.

Many thanks.

David Lush
Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
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Windhoek, Namibia
Tel. +264 61 232975, Fax. 248016
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