<<Give the child the name of a book and a boot.  He needs to go do his own
(who has taught one too many lazy college kids)>>

well said! there are enough of us that have spent sleep time finding stuff out,
researched while travelling to work, spent lunchtimes in libraries etc etc etc
in the quest for knowledge. I have no problem helping out those with needs, but
I think you are right here - this is a bit too close to a want, not a need.

sorry to be so 'unfair' about it, but for a student the purpose is to learn two
things - the information itself, and the value of the personal search/ hard
work. It is sad how many people seem to have failed to realise the wonderful
pleasure of digging out info for yourself, and of building your own ideas up.

I can't remember your name, but please try and do the work yourself.

(who has long wished for the chance to teach, be they lazy or not)